Why Ponder Yoga?

Pondering Yogini explores the mysteries of yoga, meditation, mudra, mantra and mind-body wellness. These ancient traditions offer us a vast amount of tools and techniques to enrich and enliven our modern lives.

These yogic principles also help you to reduce stress, improve your sleep quality, enhance your immune system and boost your mood. 

Are you curious about yoga and meditation? Are you wanting to live a healthier and more vibrant life? If so check out all of the articles on our site and feel free to ask us questions!

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Our Latest Articles to Ponder

I remember coming across a saying that goes “a couple who does yoga together, stays together”, and it resonates so well with me. My yoga practice has always been a very individual one – I have never really practiced yoga with someone else except with the boyfriend. Looking
Many people have the misconception that you have to do yoga in a yoga studio, or that you have to set aside quite a substantial amount of time and money in order to have a consistent and dedicated practice. One of the frequently asked questions I get is:
Fitness trackers are all the craze now, with a range of fitness wearables for the professional athlete to those who are just starting out on fitness. Fitness trackers are definitely great tools to help you make informed choices when making the transition to a healthier lifestyle. Not only does
Happy Monday to you! I hope that you’ve had a restful weekend that will help you kick start your brand new week on a strong note. However, if you have been really busy at work, finding yourselves working over the weekends, or feeling constantly stressed out by certain circumstances
Something really interesting happened a few days back when I met a new intern at my agency. Together with a bunch of fellow interns, we all headed out for lunch nearby. Somehow the conversation gravitated towards me being really into yoga, and she asked me, “Are you a
I finally got around to writing this after writing the headline and tucking this away in my drafts for almost two weeks. But it is still something that is close to my heart because it’s something that many of us (including myself) struggle with especially on days when

Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga benefits the body, mind and spirit. A regular practice of yoga can help people to focus and manage their daily life. Yoga teaches people the need to listen to their body and allow all the sensations to be present within them and to be part of their present moment.