Requirements for making a Will in Dubai

Requirements for making a Will in Dubai

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled when preparing wills in Dubai. These include:

  • Assets in the UAE (with proof of ownership).
  • Liabilities, which are paid by the owner.
  • Proof of residence, with the help of utility bills
  • Passports copy for the entire family.
  • Other official documents like marriage certificate, birth certificate.

After the client agrees to the made draft for the will, the will need to be sent for legal translation. The translation is important because all the official document presented to the Dubai Courts must be translated in Arabic. With just one exception and that is if you are registering will at the DIFC Wills Service Centre, the entire process is done in English.

Next, the person should be writing clear documents about movable documents, like cars, cash, or other personal items, an immovable item his or her estate should be distributed who should be the executor of their will.

For part of the legal documents, you should take some professional help especially if you leave in any foreign state. Whether you are a citizen or not but recommended that hire some professional help which is safe and easy for you and your family. Moving in the final required step of drafting a will in Dubai is to get your will registered in the Dubai Courts or DIFC Wills Service Centre.

If you are worried about the cost of drafting a will, then let us tell you’re that the cost of making a will in Dubai varies based on different factors. These factors include as whether it’s a single or mirror will. But to give an estimated cost, then a will in Dubai can cost around AED 8,000 to AED 10,000 when registering at Dubai Courts. Meanwhile, the cost of DIFC Wills in Dubai ranges between AED 15,000 to AED 20,000. Another important thing is to know that how a will is implemented in UAE.

After the death of a person, bank accounts of that person even if those are joint accounts gets frozen. However, it is easy to activate it with the Succession Certificate. The family member of the deceased can get this certificate from the Dubai Family Court. This states that the beneficiaries who will inherit the demised person’s immovable and moveable assets. This is also including and limited to end of service benefits and other assets that are indicated in the will of the deceased person.

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