A basic guideline to applying for an Australian visa

A basic guideline to applying for an Australian visa

The Australian visa policy simply deals with the legal requirements that a foreigner wishing to come to Australia must fulfill in order to get a visa, which in turn is a legal permit to enter and stay in the country.

This policy is one of the more lenient immigration policies in the world, especially when it comes to family and dependent relatives. For the benefit of both the immigration authorities and the public, it is important to understand the eligibility requirements and the procedures involved in order to apply for an Australian visa.

File an Application Form: The first step in the process is to file an application form for a migration visa. In doing so, you have to provide documentary evidence such as your passport or birth certificate to Australian authorities. Once you have submitted this document, your application is then considered by the Australian visa department.

Mention Your Siblings and Your Immediate Family Members: When processing your application for Australian visa in Doha, it is very important to mention all your brothers and sisters, or other family members who are also planning to immigrate to Australia.

Submit the Required Documents: You are also required to provide supporting documentation such as the original copy of the birth certificates for all the people in your immediate family, plus your marriage certificate if you are married. If you do not have a copy of any of these documents currently, you may refer to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website on where you can find a list of what you need to send. However, please note that once you have submitted your application for a migration visa, it remains valid for two years. After which, it is canceled and you need to renew your visa prior to traveling to Australia.

The Benefits of Referrals in Australia:

  • As per the law, any individual who has hold Australian citizenship is allowed to apply for an Australian visa. However, there is a limit of three personal references from Australian citizens or permanent residents who can attest for you. If you have more than three references, you may not be eligible for an immigrant visa.
  • The criteria to be eligible for an immigrant visa are based on the ability to qualify for the Australian immigration visa.

Holders of Australian visa are required to have a genuine reason for migrating to Australia and have their qualifications well established. People usually also ask for how to apply US visa in Qatar because it can also be a gateway to get to Australia after some spending some years in the US.

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