Buying customized cakes - Basic considerations

Buying customized cakes – Basic considerations

There are many occasions where having a customized cake in Abu Dhabi for important celebrations or milestones is essential, and to tell you the truth I can’t think of one. However, when it comes to a small cake customized for a wedding or baby shower, this is certainly something you could see yourself getting involved in. This article will take a look at three things that you should consider before you start your search for customized cakes.

Send an email first:

The first thing you should do is send us an email. Don’t just send the baker a picture of the cake that you’d like us to make; send us a real picture. Make sure that it’s a clear image. Also, make sure that you mention the customization you’d like done as well as what color or theme you want. By sending an image of your custom cakes you’ll be giving them a better idea of what colors and themes are currently popular.

Find a local bakery:

Next, you should find a local bakery. A quick search on Google should result in a list of local bakeries in your area that may have custom cakes available for your next birthday party. Look through their list, and call the number on the website if you have any concerns or questions about ordering. You should also ask if they deliver. You can also ask them about the bakery’s decorating standards and about the decorating methods that they use.

Check online cake rating:

One last place to check is BBB’s online cake rating system. The website has a great rating system that rates all of the different bakers based on things like customer service, how quickly they were able to solve problems, and how much they charge for their services. While it doesn’t have information on individual custom cakes, you should still give it a shot because each bakery will have a rating that ranges from one star to five stars, which will be useful for comparing companies in your area.

Look for known cake companies:

If none of those places are viable, then your last option is to look at larger more nationally known cake companies. They have a huge selection of different types of cakes, and even though it isn’t January, it isn’t Halloween, so there’s a good chance they have some good deals coming up for birthday cakes for that time of year. You can also look online at the official Facebook page for the company and see what they have for sale during January. 

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