What to Look For in Safety Vests

What to Look For in Safety Vests

Safety vests play a huge part in keeping employees safe from all kinds of danger. Vests help to keep your staff more visible especially at high traffic points. However, before purchasing a new safety vest or coverall suppliers in Dubai for your staff be sure to look out for these important things.

Breathable material

All safety vests come standard in nylon or cotton Lycra, which allows for the easy airflow of air. When you are choosing a vest make sure it is made of breathable material so that your employees can easily breathe in and out. This will prevent them from getting overheated.

Brightly colored

All safety vests have to have bright fluorescent colors to make them more visible at night. The square inches in the background material should also be in a bright color but not too bright. This way, if a child comes into contact with the vest during the night, it will stand out more than if the vest was just solid colored.

Reflective material

Another feature that will help you see your staff better at night is to make sure that their vest has reflective material on the inside and outside. This will allow you to see them easily at night even in the dark. Also, reflective vests will make them easier to find in dark areas as well. So be sure that the inside of the safety vests is completely reflective to help you see your staff more clearly.

No breaks

You should always check to see that the safety vests in UAE your staff wears have no breaks in them. You need for them to be able to stop quickly if they need to. Also, these breaks should be able to accommodate all of the accessories they may use. For example, a backpack or even a knife might need to have a break because they are being used for something else when the safety vest is worn.

See what others are saying about your safety vests online

If your staff seems to like them, they will want to wear them more often. Also, seeing how other businesses in the area wear their vests can help you decide if your staff needs to have their vests made in a different color, pattern, or with a different reflective background. You will also see what your competition is wearing, and this can help you decide what other designs or colors your staff should be wearing. 

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