Earth Meditation

Earth Meditation

We celebrate the Earth by planting flowers and trees and by helping to clean the Mother. We also think about how we use the resources we are blessed to have.

In this meditation, we explore the Earth that is an element of our physical body. The qualities related to this element are being centered, digestion, change, and stability; very foundational aspects of our existence.

We will contemplate, without judgment, where we are with each. Say each word pausing to reflect on what thoughts and emotions arise. This is an opportunity to examine our strengths to help bolster our weaknesses, as well as to soften where we may be too strong.

If it is comfortable, take a kneeling pose, using a block or cushion under the seat if needed. Kneeling tones and energizes the legs, our roots. Cross-legged seat or sitting in a chair are good options if Kneeling is not.

Bring the tips of thumb and ring finger together while the other fingers remain extended. Prithivi mudra, Earth mudra, stimulates our roots and supports digestion.

» Being centered: Do you tend to be scattered or are you very focused – even too focused? Does your breath tend to shallow or deep? Consider what your real goals are.

» Digestion: How do you eat, with awareness or just shoveling it in? How does it move through you? Also, how do you process new information: mindfully or mindlessly?

» Change: Do you go with the flow? Do you dig your heels in? Are you open to what the Universe places before you?

» Stability: How are you serving yourself: physically, professionally, and in relationships? What do you need? What can you release?

Sit for as long as you like. Be kind to yourself.

Sthira Sukham Asanam: May our connection to the Earth be steady and sweet. May we accept our place in this world lovingly.

Earth Meditation

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