Bhramara Mudra

Bhramara Mudra

This spring has been rough on me due to allergies. Watery eyes, popping ears, runny nose, headache, blah blah blah. People I know who’ve never had allergies are being affected. I have my herbal remedies and neti pot, and I admit to hitting the Benadryl occasionally.

Yesterday I hit my trusty mudra book, Yoga in your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi, and found my new friend: bhramara (bee) mudra.

The author recommends using bhramara 4 times a day for 7 minutes and as much as 8 times for 20 minutes. Yesterday I did it once for 20 minutes with long, deep breath. Today I did it for 7 minutes with breath of fire. Hopefully I’ll get another session in later today.

Now, so far I feel a difference. Less headachy and clearer breathing. What do you like to do to relieve your allergy symptoms?

Bhramara Mudra

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