Peaceful Tension: Matangi Mudra

Peaceful Tension: Matangi Mudra

Peaceful and tension, not two words commonly used together.

I’ve been practicing and teaching Matangi mudra quite a bit recently. Fingers interlocked in child’s prayer hands, middle fingers extended skyward in front of the solar plexus. Used to create peace and harmony in the body, I feel the positioning of the hands channels warm energy from our physical body up through the heart pathway to our spiritual body.

What’s interesting is that while this mudra cultivates peace and harmony, it is awkward and uncomfortable to hold. Take a minute to try it.

In my hands, there’s a lot of tension that runs up my hands and into the middle fingers. And with only the middle fingers up, the other interlocked fingers don’t feel quite right.

After a few breaths, this tension drains away. Warm energy rises and the breath softens. The hand position becomes a temple magnifying that peaceful, easy feeling in ourselves and the Universe around us.
In Mudras: Yoga of the Hands by Gertrud Hirschi, 4 minutes is the recommended time to hold Matangi. Paired with Deva Premal’s Om Shanti Om from Mantras for Precarious Times at 4 minutes long, is a wonderful meditation anytime.

Peaceful Tension: Matangi Mudra

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