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#SassyReboot: 2019 website relaunch!

I’m super excited to be relaunching the website after a good five-month hiatus from blogging! One of the new year’s resolutions this year is to be a little bit more focused and committed to creating an online resource for you guys – which is something that has unfortunately fallen into the back burner ever since I’ve started teaching and got really busy with my job. Not only did the website receive a facelift, but I have also added brand new content and will be introducing new content in the coming few weeks and months to make this a more comprehensive resource for everyone!

Yoga 101 (Previously known as Yoga Hacks)

Happy to be reintroducing Yoga 101, just a category of posts detailing all that you need to know especially when you’re just starting out on yoga. From the mats to use, apparel that is recommended (in terms of quality and price point), as well as online resource that is extremely useful for you to get started in your home practice especially if a yoga studio is not entirely accessible to you. I will be updating the page with a brand new resource in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Yoga Guides

Yoga Guides is back, better and more comprehensive! Excited to be updating this resource once again with brand new asanas, conditioning workouts to build a strong foundation for your own home practice. Lots of exciting ideas are coming up in the pipeline, with tips of getting your first chaturanga (coming soon), tips on meditation practice, or even tips to build flexible and strong hip flexors. I am happy to be bringing all these tips and tricks from the yoga studio all the way to your computer screens.


These are featured products that are up and coming in the scene, as well as what I love (or also may not love) about the specific product/brand/apparel. Ranging from lookbooks, skincare tips, wellness and healing, or just flatly of my favorite items to satisfy my love for aesthetically pleasing layout and designs, some of these posts can be advertorials (which will be labeled clearly at the start of every post), or things that I would love to share with you guys.

Weekly Intentions

Weekly Intentions are published every Monday morning just as a resource for you to read on your Monday commute to work. Need a little intention assignment to start your week off in a more mindful manner, or need a prompt to work on setting an intention for your yoga practice on the mat? Weekly Intentions are a series of posts curated for you to cultivate a more mindful practice both on and off the mat. Inspiring and thought-provoking resources can also be included in these posts, together with tips and tricks on how to improve yourself both physically and mentally.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this brand new reboot! Let me know what you would like to see on this website via the comments below. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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