Mudra Momma: Filling Your Bowl

Mudra Momma: Filling Your Bowl

Svadhistana Chakra & Shakti Mudra
Mudra Momma: Filling Your Bowl
Shakti Mudra invoking the Goddess of Life Energy
(Getting a good angle to take this picture was like a game of twister for the hubs & me, I think Shakti approved.)
The home of the second chakra, Svadhistana, is the pelvic structure, which is reminiscent of a bowl. The element is water; when it’s in a bowl or a glass it can be swirled and splashed. Liquid has vitality. When we connect to that energy we can move and flow ~ dance and twirl ~ dream and create. 
Creation is the force of Svadhistana: life, love, ideas, art, desire.
When a sexy person walks you see their hips sway. When you see a pregnant woman you see that her hips have opened to accommodate the growing child. The hips of someone who is stressed or sad tend to remain tight in movement.
By unlocking the hips we oil a major hinge in our lives.
Find sukhasana. If you have tight hips and knees sit on a block, a cushion, or blanket to help the knees open and the hips to soften.
Take 10 deep breaths drawing the breath deep into hips, sacrum, and pelvic bowl visualizing the color orange. Observe the quality of the breath and the state of your hips. Do you feel fluid or stagnant? 
Chant OM three times forming the 3 syllables with your mouth ~ ah-ooo-mmm ~ to vibrate the body and preparing the voice.
1 good breath = a full inhale + a full exhale
From sukhasana, roll down onto the on floor unwinding the spine. Imagine floating in the water feeling fully supported. Do this for a couple of minutes. When ready bring the soles of the feet together letting the knees open fall open to the sides.
Supta Baddha Konasanaallow yourself to surrender wide open. 
  • Bring the hands to the inner thighs, press down with the hands and lift with the thighs creating tension for several breaths.
  • Relax the thighs and raise the arms over head. 
  • Practice two part breath filling the heart center then the pelvic region. On the exhale let the breath exit the pelvis then the heart.
  • Settle in for 5 to 10 good breaths.
Setu Bhandhasana: like a bridge over trouble water, letting the troubles flow away. 
  • Setu bandhasana #1: Leave the arms extended overhead and bring the soles of the feet back to the floor, heels close to the buttocks, sides the feet parallel.
    • Inhale deeply. Exhale, without breath left the hips rise as if weightless. Inhale releasing any tension from the sacrum feeling the heart fill.
    • Feel the undulation of the body for 5 to 10 good breaths.
    • Roll down the spine letting the knees fall together.
  • Setu bandhasana #2: Reach the arms to the ceiling feeling the hips and hands dance with the breath for 5 to 10 good breaths.
    • Roll down the spine letting the knees fall together.
  • Setu bandhasana #3: Arms by the sides, clasp the hands rolling more onto the shoulders. In this more solid version feel the more subtle movement with the breath for 5 to 10 good breaths.
  • Roll down the spine hugging the knees to the chest.

: Dance with the Universe 
  • From the floor, transition into uttanasana for several breaths to let the spine hangout.
  • Come up to tadasana.
  • Root through the left leg hugging the muscles to the bones. Hug the right knee to the chest. 
  • Clasp the right ankle with the right hand. Lower the right knee toward the floor, leveling the hips.
  • Raise the left arm. Press the right foot into the hand feeling the front side of the body and shoulder open.
  • Send the breath in the pelvis. Open to the grace of the Universe through the asana.
  • Hold for 5 good breaths.
  • Hug the foot the buttocks then the knee to the chest. Release the leg, sway the hips.
  • Repeat to the other side. Honor the difference between the right and left side.
Chanting & Shakti Mudra
Stand for a few breaths and feel whether sitting or standing would be more natural for the chanting portion of the practice. I would encourage using a timer instead of chanting VAM a set number of times. Allow room to create and be free here. Maybe even skip a timer and just dive in.
Either sitting or standing, curl the thumbs into the palms, then close the index and middle fingers over the thumbs. Bring the tips of the ring and pinky fingers to touch.
Observe the breath. Feel how this mudra brings the breath into the hips, sacrum, pelvic floor, and lower belly. Stay here for a 5 to 10 good breaths.
If the body wants to sway, let it. Start chanting VAM ~ feel it’s vibration in the hips, sacrum, pelvic floor, and lower belly. Let this portion be very organic. If the hands want to stay in mudra, let them. If the hands and arms want to move out of mudra and dance, let them. 
Dance, move, breath, be. 
Free form movement.
Eyes open, eyes closed.
No set movement – simply allow.
Finding Home Base
After chanting, observe the breath and body for as long as needed.
Repeat the three asana in reverse order: natarajasana, setu bandhasana, and supta baddha konasana. Observe how the body allows the dance to come in more easily.  
Know that whatever has come up is OK; let go of whatever is ready and nurture that which needs attention.
To close, rest in savasana coming back to the image of floating in water. Finish by chanting OM 3 times feeling the vibration ripple through your whole being.
Vam Vam Vam
Hari OM

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