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Partner Yoga love!

I remember coming across a saying that goes “a couple who does yoga together, stays together”, and it resonates so well with me. My yoga practice has always been a very individual one – I have never really practiced yoga with someone else except with the boyfriend. Looking at those beautiful acro yoga photos on the Internet or Instagram always makes us feel so inspired to be like them one day!

Partner yoga is such a different dynamic as opposed to a regular yoga practice. A lot of trust and communication is needed between the base and the flyer, and now not only do you need to be aware of your body’s needs, but you also need to be sensitive to your partner’s needs as well. But that, to me, is the beauty of partner yoga.

This is our second partner yoga workshop together, and the first time we had so much fun that when Hom Yoga Singapore had a second partner yoga workshop, we knew we had to go again!

So I excitedly signed up for the class almost immediately after they announced it on their Facebook page. It was a great session with a comfortable number of people; we had lots of fun and laughter, which is something that I love about yoga workshops. The explanation of the various asanas are a lot more detailed, and it allows us to go deeper into the poses as opposed to a regular yoga class.

Snippets of the partner yoga workshop:

Partner Yoga

I personally really think that these partner yoga workshops help us to grow closer! It’s the communication that we need to have whenever we try out some more advanced asanas and the joy that we feel whenever we’re around each other. I think it’s one of the best Saturday mornings well spent.

We also get to do some asanas with the whole class as well!

I really enjoyed the positive energy flowing throughout the entire class. <: Everyone was really happy and genuinely enjoyed themselves, and that’s the wonders of yoga, that it creates such positive vibes amongst everyone.

Acro yoga is definitely the next thing to work on. The first time I tried acro-yoga was in Canada, and I absolutely loved it <: Although I’ll always be a flyer (because I really am too small for someone to step on, seriously.), hahaha.

Check out partner yoga if you are looking to spice up your yoga practice! I personally won’t recommend the home practice for partner yoga because it can be dangerous, so keep a look out for partner yoga workshops near your yoga studios!

Hom Yoga is located at Orchard Central, if you want to check it out!

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