How to find a reliable dentist is a question millions of Americans ask each year. Well before choosing a new dental care provider, the proper kind of questions to ask, ways to locate a good dentist and how to recognize a bad dentist are all worth your time. Whether you moved to a new town, your insurance changed, you’re taking a job with a new company that gives better benefits, or maybe you just waited a long time for a regular dental visit – finding a reliable dentist shouldn’t be hard. Here’s how to find the best Abu Dhabi dentist. Let’s get started!

Search online:

Start by checking out your local yellow pages or searching online. Many major cities include their dentists in their phone books. You might want to check out your area’s American dental association or the state’s dental board. If your insurance doesn’t cover your oral health care bills, a referral to your primary care doctor may help. Call a few dentists to see who they recommend, and then make an appointment to see them in person.

Get consultation appointment:

Next, set up a consultation appointment with several dentists in your area. Ask them how many insurance plans they accept in your town, and make a shortlist of dental health care providers with whom they accept. Make sure you get specific information about how many appointments are required, and what kinds of oral health treatment they offer. You can do this by visiting your local chamber of commerce or the school’s marketing department.

Make a list of several dentists:

Visit the offices of several dentists and write down their phone numbers, names, and numbers of other dentists on your list that could be a good fit for your needs. If you like the treatment they provide and the prices are right, schedule a free tooth cleaning or check-up at the office. Ask each of the dentists for their contact information, especially if you’d like more details about their office and their dentists’ training. Ask for their recommendations, and remember to research each one’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Interview dentists one by one:

Once you’ve found a good dentist in Abu Dhabi, you’d like to schedule an appointment with, contact each of them and schedule a free or low-cost visit. During this appointment, you’ll likely be given free teeth cleaning by the dentist and asked questions about their practice, the quality of the services they provide, and their qualifications. 

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